We hosted international guests

In the past week, our faculty was visited by several foreign guests. Through the support of Masaryk University's strategic management, we hosted lectures by experts from top 300 universities - Dr. Tania Lima Bastos from the University of Porto (QS 253), Prof. Martin Lames from the Technical University Of Munich (QS 37) and Prof. Dr. Arnold Baca from the Universität Wien (QS 130). Dr. Kris Zwemmer completed a training stay with us through the Erasmus+ programme.

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17 May 2024 Michal Kumstát

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Doctoral lectures by colleagues from Munich and Vienna were devoted to current topics of diagnostics and analysis of sports performance, such as scientific research perspectives and the use of artificial intelligence in sports science. The analysis of sports performance is one of the key scientific research goals of the Department of Sport Performance and Exercise Testing. The scientific program was prepared by Assoc. Prof. Jiří Zhaněl.

Assist. Prof. Tania Lima Bastos gave a lecture on Paralympic Games issues, focusing on the organization and preparation of the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024. In her scientific practice, Bastos focuses on working with people with disabilities, physical activities of people with psychiatric diagnoses, psychological issues of training athletes with disabilities and inclusion in physical education. Assist. Prof. Alena Skotáková from the Department of Physical Education and Social Sciences covered the professional program.

In addition to the expert lectures, a colleague from the partner university, Assist. Prof. Kristiaan Zwemmer from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, also attended the training. The Dutch university was the main initiator of the BIP course that we have been offering to students for several years and it was inspiring for the guest from the partner university to see the innovative approaches to education, study agenda and/or international opportunities that FSpS students have.

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