Workshop: Body weight manipulation in combat sports

On Saturday, February 10, the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University held a professional workshop focused on Body Weight Manipulation in Combat Sports. This event attracted more than 50 participants, including not only athletes, but also coaches and parents from various combat sports.

12 Feb 2024

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The workshop offered a number of interesting lectures by experts on the topics. Mgr. Viktorie Bulínová gave a lecture "How to manipulate your body weight properly?", where participants could learn about the principles and recommendations for safe weight manipulation in the context of sports performance.

Another interesting topic was the introduction of RED syndrome in sport. Doc. Mgr. Michal Kumstát, Ph.D. gave a detailed view on this topic, illuminated its impact on sports performance and emphasized the importance of prevention. Mgr. Adam Wagner focused on the gut microbiome and bone health in sport, his lecture "Why should athletes care about their gut microbiome and bone health?" provided participants with information on the importance of taking care of internal health for optimal sports performance. Mgr. Michaela Beníčková discussed the influence of the menstrual cycle on women's sports performance. Her lecture provided important information and advised female athletes on how to effectively manage the training process in accordance with physiological cycles.

After the lectures, the afternoon was dedicated to women's boxing sparring under the guidance of the Czech national boxing coach, Lenka Kardova. In this way, theoretical knowledge was combined with practical skills, providing the participants with a comprehensive view of the issue of body weight manipulation in combat sports.

The workshop at Masaryk University became a means for the professional exchange of views and experiences between experts and practitioners in the field of sports training. This event not only contributed to the education of the participants, but also highlighted the importance of topics related to body weight manipulation in the world of sport.

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