Cvičení jako nástroj pro zlepšení kvality života pacientek po léčbě karcinomu prsu

Title in English Exercise as a tool to improve the quality of life of patients after breast cancer treatment


Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Klinická Onkologie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Sports Studies

Keywords breast cancer; physical activity; physical fitness; body composition; autonomic nervous system
Description Background: The increasing quality of cancer treatment and early detection of tumors have an impact on the number of patients who survive cancer treatment. Therefore, the attention of physicians as well as scientists is increasingly focused on the consequences of the treatment than just on the treatment itself. One of the ways to positively influence the side effects of oncological treatment seems to be physical activity. Methods: In our research, there were involved 18 women after breast cancer treatment, 17 completed the research (average values of the tested group: 55.9 years, 165.1 cm, 76.9 kg, body mass index (BMI) 28.3). The patients who signed informed consent were divided into 3 groups (SAPA = supervised exercises 3times a week, HAPA = home exercises 3times a week, and a control group without exercises). The whole intervention lasted 12 weeks and the exercise unit itself contained an aerobic-resistant component and a yoga component. During the exercise, the pa-tients‘ heart rate was monitored using a chest belt and sports testers. We used spiroergometry (peak oxygen uptake – VO2 peak), bioelectric impedance, and spectral analysis of the heart rate variability to evaluate changes in the quality of life. Results: VO2 peak increased in training groups by an average of 5ml/min/kg (P = 0.082). A similar tendency was evident in some body composition values (skeletal muscle: P = 0.005; fat free mass: P = 0.006). Statistical significance did not reach the values of BMI (P = 0.131) and autonomic nervous system (P = 0.513; P = 0.585). Conclusion: Although our results suggest a positive trend in affecting the quality of life of patients after breast cancer treatment by exercises, similar research needs to be repeated in a larger study to confirm our results.
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