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“Learning to exercise, exercising to learn”

The Department of Physical Education and Social Sciences provides teaching of both practical and theoretical subjects in Bachelor’s and Master’s forms of study in the field of physical education and sport across study programmes and specialisations.
The EDUC Department includes a sub-workplace, the Centre for University Sport (CUS), whose main task is to teach compulsory physical education to students of other faculties of Masaryk University in the form of regular semester teaching, block or on-line teaching, or even weekend stays.

Research focus of the department:
The main focus of research is in the area of skill acquisition and human performance, particularly in the context of motor and cognitive skills in a variety of settings such as sports, education and professions. The three main areas of research cover a wide range of topics and approaches, including analysing the influence of different factors on learning and skill levels, using modern technologies such as virtual reality, biofeedback and artificial intelligence, and exploring social and intercultural aspects on acquiring and implementing skills. The applied side of research is not neglected, including its practical application in training, education and physiotherapy.

1. Learning and motion control
- Focusing on factors that affect learning and carrying out skills, such as learning dynamics, instruction and feedback, practice conditions, cognitive resources (e.g. attention span, memory, information processing), mechanisms of motor control, motor learning theory, sensory components of motor control, neuro-motor bases of learning and motor control, kinematic and kinetic assessments of motor skills.

2. Acquiring and improving skills in educational contexts
- Focusing on identifying, developing and optimising the skills of teachers/instructors/trainers in training, education or physiotherapy. Research also includes the history of education and social aspects of teacher/trainer skills acquisition and implementation.

3. Physical activity and skill implementation
- Focusing on the relationship between the development of the human body and the level of physical fitness with respect to the efficiency of movements and the application of learned skills. All topics related to the assessment and improvement of levels and other related factors affecting physical activity across the lifespan are included in the research activity.


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