Both on Playground and on Water be with Children always in Good humour
This project is co-funded by European Social Fund and by state budget of the Czech Republic
1.3.2010 - 28.2.2013
Safely and Playfully on Roller Skates

Course Annotation

Professional guarantee: PaedDr. Petr Starec, Ph.D.

The aim of the course is to familiarize with the basic technique of in-line skating. A theoretical introduction of the course is focused on the right choice of skates and their maintenance as well as the right choice of a pet set. The course is dealing with a practical familiarization with basic poses on skates, ways of braking, forward skating techniques for beginners and advance skaters, ways of turning, transitions forward and backwards, skating backward techniques, and turnarounds. The course will present a practical assumption of the right skating technique and single methodical teaching procedures.

There will be displays of the freestyle skating shown as well as a feminization with the in-line hockey and with the in-line football. The aim of the course is also to create a set of competitive exercises for in-line skating. A part of the course is also a presentation of falling techniques on in-line skates, which is necessary for the roller skates technique education, safeness, and for the first aid.

The course content is in a compliance with the RVP (Frame Educational Program) curriculum.

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