Both on Playground and on Water be with Children always in Good humour
This project is co-funded by European Social Fund and by state budget of the Czech Republic
1.3.2010 - 28.2.2013
Injuries Prevention in Sport’s Games – Usage of Modern Equipments

Course Annotation

Odborný garant: PaedDr. Věra Večeřová

The aim of the course is in an extension of theoretical and practical knowledge that might be usage as a system of exercises for injuries prevention in sport’s games lessons. There will be range of specific sport’s games exercises with usage of innovative equipment presented. These exercises will stimulate chosen movement skills that are essential for a concrete game activity and also for a development of a broad spectrum of movement skills that are significant for an optimal implementation of the movement.

A variety of preparation exercises in sport’s game lessons is based on the usage of balance equipments for a practise of specific movements focusing on balance improvement that is used by a player during a game (duels, falls after jumps, quick changes of direction etc.). Submission of these modern and entertaining ways of games’ components into a training might lead to a better coordination, development of muscle structures around ankles and knees, improvement of the inner stabilization system, and therefore to a prevention of injuries in usual sport’s games. A pupil is therefore able to cope with an unusual situation related with a balance lost, he or she is able to involve an appropriate muscle groups much faster and make a movement in a right way, thereby prevent a possible injury.

There will be methodical sets based on concrete games presented during the course. During these sets’ presentation there will be balance equipments and equipments for a concrete sport’s game used (football, basketball, volleyball, and floorball).

The course content is in a compliance with the RVP (Frame Educational Program) curriculum.

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