Both on Playground and on Water be with Children always in Good humour
This project is co-funded by European Social Fund and by state budget of the Czech Republic
1.3.2010 - 28.2.2013
Healthy Lifestyle in Schools from the Safety Point of View

Seminar Annotation

Professional guarantee: Mgr. Libuše Černá

Healthy Lifestyle in schools from the safety point of view.
The aim of the seminar is to increase competences of head employees in schools and schools facilities in an area of injuries prevention trough improve the quality of the pedagogical process and the legal conscience.

The seminars are design to contribute to a reduction of an amount of pupils’ injuries during education trough schools and schools facilities activities, consequently to affect day to day life of children outside schools.

The seminars are offering new information in usage of schools areas and schools facilities issue referring to education of outdoors movement activities from the injuries prevention point of view, as well as referring to a process of creating an environment of healthy lifestyle. The seminar is containing basic recommendations for ensuring the safety environment in schools and schools facilities while usage of sport equipments. Besides issues in schools areas the information are referring to outdoor movement activities and outdoor stays. All the safety recommendations are in accordance with an actual legislation and with an effort of preserving an attractiveness of practicing activities.

There will be a methodical manual created containing photodocumentation and DVDs with videos describing how to secure an area for education, and what actions should be taken during activities to secure the injury prevention. The manual, photodocumentation, and DVDs will be conceived into 9 basic topical areas that will be corresponding with the seminary topics:

  1. School Playground
  2. School Gym
  3. School Drill-hall
  4. Swimming Pool
  5. Climbing Wall
  6. First Aid Kit and First Aid System in Schools and during School Activities
  7. School Trips, Short Stays in Nature, Trips Abroad
  8. Summer Training Courses – water tourism, bicycle tourism, bathing, summer tourism
  9. Winter Training Courses – skiing, winter tourism

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