Both on Playground and on Water be with Children always in Good humour
This project is co-funded by European Social Fund and by state budget of the Czech Republic
1.3.2010 - 28.2.2013
Don't be Afraid to Do Gymnastics

Course Annotation

Proffesional gaurantee: Mgr. Pavlína Vaculíková, Ph.D.

There is a certain increase of gymnastics’ popularity in the world recently. An infiltration of gymnastics’ training into other sport activities became usual (e.g. dance, skiing, resistance exercises etc.). Despite of this interest there might be inadequate methodics’ approaches matching the level of a gymnast usually found and unfamiliarity with an adequate support and rescue. This leads to senseless injuries and to the related anxiety, eventually to the lack of interest of pedagogues in including the gymnastic into PE education.

The main content of the course is to present new methods and forms of education (Air track) in an area of gymnastics’ disciplines to participants (i.e. present the right technique of single components on chosen equipments and various preparation exercises for the training of these components). The course also contents didactics and methodical principles necessary for a gymnastic lesson. An important part of the course is also a demonstration of support and rescue during single exercises and the first aid.

The course content is in a compliance with the RVP (Frame Educational Program) curriculum.

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