Both on Playground and on Water be with Children always in Good humour
This project is co-funded by European Social Fund and by state budget of the Czech Republic
1.3.2010 - 28.2.2013
Health Aspect in Swimming, Safeness, Drawing Rescue

Course Annotation

Professional guarantee: PaedDr. Miloš Lukášek, Ph.D.

Swimming is rightly considered as a one of the most healthy movement activity. Thanks to its specific movement stress it stresses the whole movement apparatus evenly, it doesn’t overload joints, improves the function of the cardiovascular system etc. The swimming might be practice as prevention, as a convalescence activity, eventually as an effective medical application. These positive effects are well known. What are less known are the basic principles that enable to learn essential skills for a further progressive development.

A lot of pedagogues prefer a quick cope with the swimming styles without an insufficient accent on a right breathing and on a body position during the swimming training. A failure in learning of these two essential skills is the limiting factor in a further swimming technique development. Not only a wrong technique leads to a lack of interest in this movement activity, but it also leads to an undesirable stress of specific muscles, and above all it leads to an inadequate effect on the spine. The swimming might than become a movement activity that is the spine issue (e.g. lordosis and kyphosis) makes only worse.

The aim of the project is to provide theoretical knowledge, but also to offer a course, where mentioned methods can be practice. It is well known that a pedagogue prefers teaching of such skills that has individually tried and managed. A part of the course is also a familiarization with safety standards and familiarization with basic principles of the swimming education.

The course content is in a compliance with the RVP (Frame Educational Program) curriculum.

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